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‘FINLANDIA’ (A Song of Peace) for our time!

July 4, 2022

July 3, 2022

On the eve of our Independence Day, I am drawn to a song that is close to my heart: ‘Finlandia’.

Mike and I shared it with our congregation countless times, and always for the 4th of July. Preferring the Mary Travers version, that is what we offered, with Mike accompanying me on the piano.

So, when Mike decided to arrange this beautiful melody for the ukulele, I was particularly pleased! He worked to create an arrangement that was beautiful, yet achievable~ and I loved his chordal voicings! (Every time I pick up a uke, no matter how long or short my session, it always includes ‘Finlandia’.)

However… the key did present a challenge for me vocally, as my voice had migrated from the soprano to alto range! Hmmm…what to do?

 Eager to share it at our next ukulele workshop, Mike came up with a perfect solution: He played his chord melody instrumental in its entirety, then modulated to a lower key for me, fingerpicking the chords as I sang the lyrics.

I believe this beautiful melody, coupled with these heartfelt lyrics, is a poignant reminder that though we are proud citizens of a country blessed with beauty “from sea to shining sea”, we are also citizens of the world. And in this world, every country is peopled with citizens proud of all they hold dear.

“This is my song, O God of all the nations;

A song of peace for lands so far away.

This is my home, a country where my heart is.

Here grew my hopes and dreams for all mankind.

But other hearts in other lands are beating

With hopes and dreams as true and high as mine.

My country’s skies are bluer than the ocean

And sunlight shines on clover leaf and pine.

But other lands have sunlight too and clover

And skies are ev’rywhere as blue as mine.

O hear my prayer, O God of all the nations.

A song of peace for their lands and for mine.”

So, dear friends, as we celebrate our freedoms, let us remember those in other lands who dream of being able to celebrate theirs as well!

Peace! For all!


Here is Mike’s YouTube posting, complete with tutorial.

Available as a single or one of the pieces in his whopping 52-song Chord Melody One book.

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  1. permalink
    July 7, 2022 2:54 p07

    Dear Collene,Thank you for honoring Mike’s musical legacy! Mike touched so many people’s lives with his very many video tutorials, and I

  2. Alex Young permalink
    July 7, 2022 2:54 p07

    Dear Collene:

    Thank you so much for the song ! I have the book and I know how to play it and I loved the song. I bought all his books and I am still learning his songs.

    Mr. Lynch is so great!

    Please keep in touch!

    Thanking you, Diana Young (Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada)

    • July 8, 2022 2:54 p07

      Aloha Diana!
      Yes, there’s a ton of music he arranged, so I know it keeps most of us busy for years. 😁
      As Mike always ended his lessons…
      Happy Strumming!

  3. Stephanie Simms permalink
    July 4, 2022 2:54 p07

    Hi Collene
    Thanks for you recent communication..Finlandia is also a favourite of mine and I too always include it in my practice. In fact I recently tried out for a part in an ensemble and two of the prerequisites were Finlandia and Pachelbel Canon. “Thank you Mike for your tutorials”
    Have a happy July 4th celebration and stay safe.

    Regards Stephanie (Australia)

    • July 4, 2022 2:54 p07

      Aloha and G’day, Stephanie!
      I just sneaked it into my day just before it’s over! Had to on the 4th, right?!
      Wow, what ensemble did you join (assuming you were accepted)? And were the prerequisites any version of Finlandia and the Canon? Or Mike’s arrangements?
      We had a lovely celebration with our little neighborhood ‘kiddie parade’ and had a few friends over for pulled pork sliders, coleslaw, veggies and dips, brownies, key lime pie bites…well, it was a lot of work, but worth it! And now the house is clean and decorated for the summer!

  4. Jim Dawson permalink
    July 4, 2022 2:54 p07

    Thank you for posting this beautiful tutorial by Mike. While I did not have the pleasure of meeting, he had a profound impact on my life by introducing me to the ukulele. I’m 82 and enjoy his tutorials even today. Very rare is it that one can say that we had a profound impact on on other person’s life. He did and because of his willingness to share his talents, I am certain that he plays his ukulele before our Mighty God this very day.

    Jim Dawson 1107 Liberty Roe Anderson, SC 29626 864-414-5253


    • July 5, 2022 2:54 p07

      Thank you Jim! You made my day (even though your kind comments make me a little teary)! Mahalo and blessings! Collene

  5. Harry Lankford permalink
    July 4, 2022 2:54 p07

    Thank you, Collene ! Mike had such a loving impact on so many of us, it’s good to ‘hear’ From you ! God Bless ! HarryLankford


  6. Laurie permalink
    July 4, 2022 2:54 p07

    A beautiful song with its message for everyone.

    • July 4, 2022 2:54 p07

      Thanks Laurie! I just finished playing it and am feeling very nostalgic…Mahalo!

  7. Mark permalink
    July 4, 2022 2:54 p07

    Hi Collene. It makes my heart glow whenever I receive one of your emails about Mike. I always feel so much love for him. I know I’ve written to you before that Mike was my very first ukulele teacher going on 8 years ago now. When I wrote to him and told him that I was learning so many things from him and how much I loved how he taught, he wrote me back to encourage me even more. When I wrote him that I was thinking of teaching a little ukulele to members of an ukulele club I had started, he sent me his teaching video for free to help me out. That little club now has over 200 members. Not all of them active all of the time but all of them with a love for the ukulele and singing and that’s purely because of Mike. I have taught his song With Just 4 Strings to many, many players and it has become the theme song for a seniors ukulele group that I started a few years ago, after my other one. Everyone loves it. I play it as often as I can and especially on Ukulele Day.

    Bless your dear, dear heart for sending out this email about Finlandia with the gorgeous video of Mike playing and teaching it. He is such a gentle soul. I live on a old age pension and cannot afford the 52 page book but I can start saving for it. I love that the song Finlandia can apply to any country. I live on the west coast of Canada and we just had our Canada on July 1, so that gives me lots of time to learn to fingerpick the song for next year!!

    Many BlesSings and much Love!

    “In this we journey together.” Dwell in trust, peace and love. Mark Trevis “Sir-Uke-A-Lot”

    • July 5, 2022 2:54 p07

      Aloha Mark aka Sir-Uke-A-Lot!
      You make my heart happy!
      Mahalo and blessings!

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