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How to Order

Currently our ordering page is at Ukulele Mike’s original website Please continue to order at the order page there.

When ordering please first download the new Catalog. Find the items you want in the Catalog and note the item ID and price of each one. Be sure to include the item ID for each item in the “Detailed Description” field when you order so that we are sure to fulfill your order correctly. Note: Prices are those found in the new Catalog and supersede any other prices including any discounted or sale prices found on our website or other social media websites or videos.

Product Delivery

All pdf sheet music will be emailed to you. Orders for the DVD and DVD Packages will be post mailed to you. Please include the shipping fee with your order as shown in the Catalog. Product Delivery is not automated yet (but soon). When you finish your order PayPal will email it to us. Depending on our workload and schedule it could take several days before we read it. However we do our best to process your order as soon as possible. We will then email the items you ordered to you. So please give us a few days before inquiring about your order. Thanks!


Take me to the order page now!

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