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July 11, 2011

PLEASE NOTE:  My “UKULELE BASICS” DVD is currently  available for purchase. . . For more information email me at

My background musically has been largely classically based. . . Classical piano from the age of 4.  Majored in Music Composition in College and played mostly folk, classical, pop and worship music most of my life.  Although I’ve always had a great love for Jazz recently I’ve actually begun to take up the study of Jazz as it applies to the ukulele.  I figure at any age we can always expand our horizons and grow some more brain cells. . . God knows at my age, I need to build some more of those ha ha ha. . . Over this past year I’ve been struck by the work of Glen Rose and Kimo Hussey in regards to Ukulele Jazz performance.  Their videos, books,CDs and instructional materials are outstanding.  Inspired by these great teachers I’ve launched my new You Tube Ukulele Jazz Series on my MusicTeacher2010 channel.  It’s my humble attempt intially to just open the doors for so many who have never had the good fortune of venturing into the Jazz structures and elements of the ukulele. I now have lessons 1 & 2 posted and will be doing more as the months roll on.  Take a peek at lesson 1 to start with and treat your ears to these delicious new sounds.  My Lesson #1 can be found at:

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