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UKULELE MIKE does tutorials of 2 JIVE ACES hits

July 12, 2011

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You have perhaps seen and heard a couple of my You Tube video lessons that covered 2 songs that have been performed and recorded by UK’s Jive Aces. Ian Clarkson, trumpet and lead vocalist for the Jive Aces,  has recently taken on the ukulele as a
central instrument in the ensemble and it really speaks to both the music of the Jive style plus the legacy of the ukulele.. . Typically the 2 would not have been combined. . . I’m speaking here of a 16 piece swing/jive band along with the charming, delightful, captivating little ukulele. . . But the Jive Aces have done that combo quite nicely.

 In describing their music they say  Jive is that music that resides somewhere between Big Band and the early rock style of
performers such as Bill Hailey and The Comets with such songs as Rock Around The Clock.  The ukulele is a shoe in for
that kind of music.  Just look at the wonderful tunes of the 20s and 30s done by such icons as Cliff “Ukulele Ike”
Edwards or the British Ukulele master George Formby. The uke fits with swing music like bread with butter or milk with cookies. The Jive Aces produced a music video for their cover of the well known Morecambe and Wise theme song Bring Me Sunshine in a Louis Prima jive style and put in on You Tube on March 17th.  It got 50,000 views in the first week and at present I think it has over a million views. . . A concrete testament to the still vibrant popularity of that musical era and the current incredible popularity of the MIGHTY UKULELE!!!

 I’ve done a tutorial lesson on Bring Me Sunshine which is on my MusicTeacher2010 You Tube channel.  I also did a tutorial on the song I Wanna Be Like You from Walt Disney’s Jungle Book It will be featured on the Jive Aces upcoming CD.  Take a look at my videos of these two songs
and try them on your uke.  I’m sure you’ll be delighted to learn them.


Mike Lynch


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