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From Seattle to Seoul – – The UKULELE spans the globe and the international language of MUSIC reigns

December 22, 2011

These wonderful young people in Seoul, South Korea produced this amazing video just a short time ago.  I’ve been told these university students meet on a regular basis to explore the wonderful world of the UKULELE.  Together they share songs, chords, fingerings, strumming patterns but much more, they share friendship.  You can just see in their faces how delighted they are with making music.  Not only making music, but . . . making music in a group. . . It truly bonds them closer as they play.  In times past it was not uncommon for people to make music together.  It was rather typical for families to gather around the piano or father playing the fiddle or one of the children playing a guitar while all sang together.  Nowadays in our highly technological society we find our selves isolated with TV or with Video and Computer games.  These brilliant young people, however, take time out of their precious busy school week to gather around the table of music and express themselves in song with their newly found voices and instruments.

I was just so amazed and delighted when this video was sent to me just this morning. . . I’m honored that they did this video and it surely makes me feel all the more affirmed in what I do as a music teacher.  The international language of music reigns and the spirit of the ukulele spans the globe forging a bond of unity in a world that so hungers for peace. . . . “HAPPY STRUMMING” INDEED!!!

There are numerous Ukulele groups or clubs around the world now and more forming everyday.  I have a student in Estonia who is attempting to start a club.  I have another student in Spokane, Washington USA who is beginning a group.  I would encourage all of you. . . If you have a group in your area. . . join it. . . If not. . . create one. . . Playing in a group is the greatest way to learn to play and will bring great joy to your music.  So, let us be inspired by these young people in South Korea and carry their spirit on in our music as well.

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