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PERFECT for Beginning Ukulele Players : UKULELE MIKE’S FAVORITES for Beginning Ukulele Songbook

March 16, 2012

Announcing the release of UKULELE MIKE’S FAVORITES for Beginning Ukulele Songbook – $15.95 and can be purchased at this time by paying directly thru the paypal donate button on the UKULELE MIKE website:

I’ve selected and arranged these songs into the best possible Ukulele friendly keys along with multiple suggested strumming and fingerpicking patterns.  I’ve also noted the beginning vocal note for singing.  In some cases I’ve leaned out the chord progressions to allow for ease of playing for newbie players without harming the essence of each tune.  In the back of the book I’ve added my “OFFICIAL” UKULELE MIKE chord chart.  Some of these songs go a bit beyond the chords taught in the DVD so the chord chart will effectively help the player expand their chord knowledge.

This is perfect for beginning players as a stand alone book or as a supplement to THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE UKULELE Volume 1.  Calling upon the techniques learned in the DVD it provides a large (45 tunes!) collection to expand your repertoire right away plus it gives more musical examples to confirm your Ukulele skills. . . $15.95 and can be purchased by paying directly thru the PayPal donate button on my website: . . When you purchase the DVD “THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE UKULELE” you can combine both for a total of $30.00 plus $3.00 shipping in the US . . . $7.00 outside the US. . . The eBook will be emailed to you within the day as a pdf file.

By the way, this eBook is fully compatible with Windows,Mac,IOS,Android,and all pdf readers. There is full instant navigation throughout the book so it is perfect on iPads or android tablets.

Here is what you’ll find inside:


For information regarding any ukulele product please email:


Here is a link that details the Beginners DVD COMBO PAK . . .

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