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I DREAMED A DREAM from Les Miserables – Ukulele Solo arranged & performed by UKULELE MIKE LYNCH

June 22, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed arranging this elegantly beautiful melody for the ukulele.  I think it once again clearly shows that this tiny 4 string instrument is capable of great expressiveness and truly great music making.  This piece should not be rushed and played with sensitivity and feeling throughout.  It’s important to use simple flowing, rolling harp-like technique to all of the chords. . . It helps make the uke sound like a larger fuller instrument. . . Gives the illusion that is has more then only 4 strings.  I’m intending to do a future lesson on applying vibrato to single notes. . . I tried employing it in a few places in this arrangement. . .  Available for purchase $5.39 by paying thru the PayPal donate button on the UKULELE MIKE website: Click below to view the VIMEO video of this song:

Tablature for I Dreamed A Dream is contained in my Solo Ukulele Instrumental eBook Volume 1 2013 enlarged edition. It can be purchased by paying through the paypal donate button on the Ukulele Mike website: Once purchased, it will be emailed to you within the day.

Here is a blog detailing the contents of the Solo Ukulele eBook

By the way, I’ve begun uploading videos to VIMEO as well as You Tube.  You Tube has been excessivly harsh in regards to me doing lessons on more current songs.  I’m hoping that VIMEO will allow me to upload some of those that have been removed along with additional new ones yet to be created. . . So subscribe to my VIMEO channel now and check back regularly.  I’ve also begun to upload newer video lessons to my Facebook page.

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