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“THERE’S A KIND OF HUSH” by Herman’s Hermits – Ukulele tutorial by UKULELE MIKE

July 12, 2012

THERE’S A KIND OF HUSH by Herman’s Hermits – Ukulele tutorial by UKULELE MIKE

In performing this classic Peter Noone classic, I’m using the Calypso strum:

DOWN DOWN UP UP DOWN UP. . . . In this performance I’m playing the down strokes with the flesh of the thumb . . . The up strokes with the flesh of the index finger.  It can be played equally well with simply the nail of the index finger going down and the flesh going up but I kind of like using the flesh of the thumb for the down strokes as it seems to render a mellower, rounder, fuller sound.

Click here to play the video tutorial >THERE’S A KIND OF HUSH

I also like to play up on the finger board to enhance the warmness.  I’ve been inspired by Kimo Hussy in using this type of strum technique. . . Check out my blog on Kimo and you’ll see a couple of his performances in which he uses this technique.

In this performance I’m also using the newly released Oscar Schmidt “WILLIE K” signature tenor. I love the tone of this uke. . . Oscar Schmidt really hit it out of the park on this one.  If you notice it also has “FIVE” strings not FOUR.  What they’ve done is to make the 4 string doubled as a High G and a Low G.  It gives the best of both worlds and gives added richness and depth to the sound of the ukulele.

Here is the LYRIC / CHORD sheet for this song . . Chord grids are found at the end of the video tutorial.

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