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PENG YOU. . . . .Composed by Wakin Chau – Arranged for solo ukulele by Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . . A Chord/Melody arrangement and contained in the Ukulele Mike Chord/Melody eBook ONE (now reduced to just $20.00)

August 2, 2013

Peng Cover Complete name on right

Wakin Chau (born 22 December 1960) is a Hong Kong-born Taiwanese singer and actor. Chau’s popularity has spread throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and parts of Southeast Asia. He was known as Emil Chau through the 1980s and 1990s, and by 2000 he reverted to his given name Wakin. As of August 2007, he has released more than 40 albums and held several international concert tours.

Below is a performance of my arrangement of this beautiful composition

This video was posted on VIMEO so I hope it works for your device

I totally loved working on this arrangement and found the melody and chord changes to be especially beautiful. I arranged it as a Chord/Melody piece and is to be played simply with downstrokes of the thumb. Most of it is played in the first position utilizing the first 3 frets but there is a section that goes up the neck and requires barring across the 5th fret. If you’re not adept at barring then this is a good opportunity to develop that into your technical skills. Barring opens up a whole new world of playing on the ukulele. Below is a clip that shows the section that goes up the neck. Notice the notation to Barre at the 5th fret.


Peng You Music 2222

This next clip shows the beginning of the piece. Note the double dotted line right after the first measure. That tells us to repeat from that point to the second and final ending.


Peng You Music 1111

This final clip shows the double dotted line towards the end of the piece. The next measure begins the final ending. Reading music notation in any form whether it is standard treble or bass clef notation or tablature is just like reading a map. There are numerous and constant signs all along the way. They inform us as to the tempo (speed) dynamics (volume) position of fingers, and the order of the sections of the piece not to mention the notes that are played. The 4 horizontal lines indicate the strings of the ukulele with the top line being string ONE which is the string closest to the floor. The numbers on the lines (strings) indicate which frets are pressed down. Zeros, of course, mean the strings are played open. The tempo of the piece is to be kept moderate just like the video.

I composed and performed this piece on a Tenor ukulele with a LOW G tuning. I’ve played it numerous times on standard tuned ukes and it works just as well. I do like the lower G with this piece though as it lends the piece more bass end and mellowness.


Peng You 333

Of course, my arrangement is for solo instrumental ukulele but the original song does have vocal lyrics. Below are the mandarin lyrics of Peng You.

Peng You (朋友)



And here is the English translation:

Friend 朋友

all these years, me alone
been through wind and walk through rain
had tears, had mistakes
When had i insist something?

only the one who had loved will understand
(sometimes) will be lonely, will regret
still have dream and you in my heart.

Friends walk together all lifetime
these days won’t come back
one sentence, one lifetime
one love, one cup of wine
Friends are never lonely
One word “ friend”, you will understand
still have wounds, still have pain
stll need to walk, you still have me

My arrangement of Peng You is contained in my Chord/Melody eBook ONE and can  be purchased by making a payment of just $20.00  through the PayPal button on the Ukulele Mike website: Once purchased It will be personally emailed to you within the day. . .

book one cover

Full table of contents . . .

BOok One contents

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Trilogy combo price slide header

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