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“KEEP CALM AND HAPPY STRUMMING” – A New Year wish from Ukulele Mike with an additional little surprise . . .

December 27, 2013

Blue Keep Calm with image

Playing the Ukulele is, without doubt, the most stress free thing anyone can do. I definitely recommend that every human being on planet Earth be granted a ukulele at birth. If everyone played the ukulele we’d have no more wars and people would be happier and without stress.

If you don’t play the ukulele already then make it a New Year’s resolution to do so. . . It’s fun, easy and ever so gratifying.

So let’s all chant our slogan together slowly: “KEEP CALM AND HAPPY STRUMMING”

P.S. For $5.00 plus shipping you can receive an official Ukulele Mike Bookmark/Ukulele Essentials reference card (made of sturdy card stock) to slip in your uke case or gig bag. On the front is the “KEEP CALM AND HAPPY STRUMMING” logo as pictured above. On the back is a basic chord chart plus tuning and fingering references. For an additional $2.00 I will personally sign it just for you. Shipping is $2.50 in the US $4.25 outside the US

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