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Doing a little “soft shoe” with the Ukulele – Old Time Ukulele with “By The Light Of The Silvery Moon”

February 27, 2014


The popular song “By The Light Of The Silvery Moon” was written by Gus Edwards and the Lyrics by Edward Madden.  The song was originally published in 1909 and it was first performed on stage by Lillian Lorraine.  It was just one of a series of moon-related songs of the Tin Pan Alley era.  The song has been used in a great many television shows and motion pictures.  A film by the same title was released in 1953, starring Doris Day.  It served as a sequel to yet another Doris Day film “On Moonlight Bay”  In performing this arrangement we call to mind the days of Vaudevile and most primarily the popular dance style “Soft Shoe”. . . . In this audio example you will notice the light whimsical triplet patterns that I intersperse throughout the strum.  This mirrors the very rhythm of the “soft shoe”  The primary strum is…

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