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Part II of the DREAMSCAPE TRILOGY – “CHERRY BLOSSOMS” – Solo Ukulele composition by Ukulele Mike Lynch

March 30, 2014


Cherry Blossoms cover

“CHERRY BLOSSOMS” is the second part of my 3 part composition: DREAMSCAPE TRILOGY. First part being Paris Nocturne and the 3rd part being River Of Dreams. All three parts have a similar feel and similar right hand fingering technique. Below is a short clip in Finale format from CHERRY BLOSSOMS.

Cherry Blossom clip 1

The recurring right hand figure throughout the piece is
m p i m p i m p i m p i

Where: m is Middle finger p is thumb and i is index finger

Middle finger always plays the 1st string.
Index finger always plays the 2nd string.
Thumb plays the 4th and 3rd strings.

Enjoy all of the open strings in this piece. They are the ones with a zero on them. They are played but no left hand fingering applied to them.

“CHERRY BLOSSOMS” needs to be played gently with a smooth flowing triplet feel. . . accenting…

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