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Classic World War II era song “I’LL BE SEEING YOU” – by Sammy Fain & Irving Kahal – Solo ukulele arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch

April 5, 2014

This is great as a chord/melody arrangement. Give it a try


seeing you kiss black and white

I'll Be Seeing You complete cover

Click below to audition VIMEO video of I’LL BE SEEING YOU

I’ll Be Seeing You – Ukulele Solo Arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch

“I’ll Be Seeing You” is a popular song, with music by Sammy Fain and lyrics by Irving Kahal. Published in 1938, the song was inserted into the Broadway musical Right This Way, which closed after fifteen performances. In the musical, it was performed by the singer Tamara Drasin, who had a few years earlier introduced Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. The song is a jazz standard, and has been covered by many musicians. The musical theme has emotional power, and was much loved during World War II, when it became an anthem for those serving overseas (both British and American soldiers).

Once again, I decided to arrange this piece as a Chord/Melody piece. I also chose the key of F since that key works so well for…

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