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WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD – Solo Ukulele Arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch

April 11, 2014


Wonderful World Louis Armstrong

“What a Wonderful World” is a song written by Bob Thiele (as “George Douglas”) and George David Weiss. It was first recorded by Louis Armstrong and released as a single in 1967. Thiele and Weiss were both prominent in the music world (Thiele as a producer and Weiss as a composer/performer). Armstrong’s recording was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999. The publishing for this song is controlled by Memory Lane Music Group, Carlin Music Corp., and Bug Music, Inc.

I really enjoyed arranging this piece for solo ukulele. I chose the Key of F as it is one of friendliest keys for solo ukulele compositions. Having said that, I must mention that one chord that is fairly essential for the Key of F is the Bb chord and this piece certainly has a lot of them. Since F is so important for ukulele playing its vitally important…

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