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September 29, 2014

Chord/Melody arrangements are by far the best way to get into solo instrumental playing


Chord Melody without banner

I’ve had hundreds of requests for more and more Chord/Melody ukulele solo arrangements.

For so many people they have proven to be an immediate success. They are so much easier

to learn then complicated fingerpicking, arpeggio style arrangements. Although those do

have their place and can be of great elegance and beauty, these chord/melody arrangements

are more readily accessible to most players.

Chord/Melody arrangements are by far the best introduction to instrumental solo

playing. One can play convincing instrumentals with much more ease than

usually experienced with fingerpicking solo playing. Only the thumb is used in

this stye of playing. No other fingers are involved. This acts to simplify the

process so one can concentrate on the distinctive melody of the piece.

In many cases the melody will be found to exist on either the first or second

strings. One needs to merely hold down the main chord while the…

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