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WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS – Chord/Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch from the new 33 Song Christmas Chord/Melody ebook – – An exercise for the “digitally challenged”

October 31, 2014

Wish complete

According to Wikipedia we find that We Wish You a Merry Christmas” is a popular sixteenth-century English carol from the West Country of England. The origin of this Christmas carol lies in the English tradition wherein wealthy people of the community gave Christmas treats to the carolers on Christmas Eve, such as figgy puddings that were very much like modern-day Christmas puddings. It is one of the few English traditional carols that makes mention of the New Year celebration and is often the last song carolers sing, wishing all good tidings and happy spirits at Christmastime.

This arrangement which I have done in a Chord/Melody format was done in large part for myself.
You see, I am “digitally challenged” . . . Meaning, I have very short stubby fingers. How I’ve ever been able to play the piano and all of the stringed instruments as well as I do is beyond me. I have a daily struggle to get these little fingers to do what I want them to do. Therefore, I have to do continuous excercises and drills to get them to cooperate. This arrangement employs a lot of fairly large skips, intervals, finger stretches etc. So, doing this piece at a very slow tempo over and over and over again has proven to be an excellent exercise for me. Perhaps those who are blessed with longer fingers will have an easy time of it, but I bet
there are plenty of people who might just benefit from learning this piece and playing daily as
a great finger exercise. Below is a short snippet to illustrate the chord/melody format. Keep in mind, there is no fingerpicking involved in chord/melody playing. . . Just the right thumb.
wish you music 1

The Christmas Chord/Melody ebook is available for purchase by making a payment of $19.95 through the paypal donate button on the Ukulele Mike website:
Once the payment is made, paypal will give you an opportunity to add more information such as the name of the resource and perhaps email address or any other small message. I will then personally email the collection to you as a pdf file within the day.

Christmas Chord Melody eBook template

Christmas Chord Melody contents slide

For information regarding any ukulele product please email:

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