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“SONGS OF YESTERYEAR” . . . . Songbook from Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . . Celebrating the rich legacy of American popular music in the early 20th Century (now reduced to just $20.00)

November 2, 2014

Songs Of Yesteryear Cover

I thoroughly enjoyed assembling the song collection. These songs represent some of the best of
Popular Music in the early 20th century. This is our legacy in music history. Let’s celebrate these songs by sharing them with our families and friends. How about taking them to the local senior center or to anywhere people gather for fun. I’ve arranged these songs in ukulele friendly keys and each song indicates the chords used and in addition to that, suggested strumming patterns. I’ve also indicated the opening note for each song to assist in getting it right.
Below is the full table of contents . . .

Yesteryear contents
The “SONGS OF YESTERYEAR” eBook can be purchased by making a payment of just $20.00 through the PayPal donate button on the Ukulele Mike website:
Once purchased, it will be emailed to you as a pdf file within the day.

I also have a “TRILOGY” of Chord/Melody collections . . . Each collection can be purchased separately for just $20.00 or all together as a combined “TRILOGY” discount of just $50.00

Trilogy combo price slide header

All 4 of the Chord melody ebooks can be purchased at a combo discount price of  $70.


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