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THIS IS THE TIME – A Christmas Reflection – Music & Lyrics by Michael Lynch – Vocal Solo by Collene Lynch

December 8, 2014

Open slide Complete

For many years we, as a family, had a tradition of doing a small musical recording each and every Christmas which became our yearly Christmas Card. When our daughters were little, I asked them if they could write down some of their most poignant Christmas memories. . . What things stood out
for them each Christmas. My wife and I contributed as well and soon I had a large enough list that
gave me the elements that ended up being the lyrics for this song.
We did a simple recording at home and sent it out. . A few years ago, we decided to go into a
professional studio and REALLY record it. We enlisted an elegant string section from the celebrate Seattle Symphony Orchestra, a wonderful group of my students from Christ The King School and word renowned trumpeter and composer Allen Vizzutti.
As we were laying down the tracks, whenever I came to the “instrumental bridge” section, the engineer would ask me. .. “what do you want here?” I would say. . . hmmmmm, not sure. . . I’ll have to think about that. Then one day after numerous sessions I said . . I think I know what I want. I hear a baroque piccolo trumpet playing here. . . Mike Strickland, the engineer, swung around in his chair with a big smile on his face and said. . “You mean like Penny Lane?” I said, yep. . . exactly. Mike said I know just the guy to do that and in a few minutes we had Allen Vizzutti on the phone and set up time for him to record the next morning. It was JUST the right element for the song and I’m so happy we went in that direction.

Below is a YouTube video of THIS IS THE TIME for your enjoyment.

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