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Would you like to be able to play SOLO Christmas and Holiday songs this year? Then, Ukulele Mike’s new 33 song CHORD/MELODY CHRISTMAS COLLECTION is here for you!

December 16, 2014



Would you like to share some Christmas and Holiday songs
On your ukulele this season? Are you not so comfortable with singing?
How about letting your ukulele do the singing for you?
This is precisely the advantage of Chord/Melody playing.
With Chord/Melody playing the ukulele is enabled to play both the melody
As well as the accompaniment to each selection. It’s all done as a purely
Instrumental solo.

Chord/Melody playing is by far the easiest approach
to solo instrumental performance.
This collection of timeless Christmas Classics
uses nothing but Chord/Melody style.
No fingerpicking is required. . . Only the thumb is used.
How much easier could it get?
The 4 lines on the bottom stave represent the 4 strings
of the ukulele.
The top line is the first string (That closest to your knee)
The bottom or 4th line is the string closest to your chin.
The numbers on the…

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