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The 4th Annual WORLD UKULELE DAY 2015 is fast approaching!! February 2nd, 2015. . . What are your plans?

January 15, 2015

World Ukulele Day 2015 Promo Poster

Here we are again on the eve of the 4th annual WORLD UKULELE DAY. . . Bringing the world together with just 4 strings at a time. . . What are your plans for WORLD UKULELE DAY??
Let everyone know by posting a YouTube video and declaring your love for this wonderful little instrument. Below is a poster showing how it’s being celebrated in Poland. . .

World Ukulele Day in Poland

I know that my wife and I will be celebrating in preparation for conducting our SECOND Hawaiian Ukulele Cruise on the Grand Princess cruise ship on February 17. . . Right now we have a class of over 60 students!!! We’re so excited and can already smell the sweet Hawaiian air and the can’t wait to experience the gentle, loving and generous people of the islands and their musical culture.

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