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It’s about time we finally got that “barre” chord technique down. . . Check out these vintage YouTube vids wth Ukulele Mike Lynch

November 30, 2015


Barre chord  log banner

How often have we started to play a song and then notice there is a barre chord and we turn
the page to the next song? Or, more often, we just glance over that chord and move on?
This is a typical scenario with plenty of stringed instrument players but needen’t be once
we become comfortable with the technique. Once we can confidently play barre chords a whole
world of music will open up for us. This I can promise you.

More often than not barre chords only happen occasionally within a song. . . . We could be playing along just fine for 16 measures then in comes an Fminor or perhaps a Bbminor chord. . .
Then we move on to more easily played fingerings. The mere fact that those chords only come a few times in any given song points out that we don’t really get good…

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