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One of the most iconic American folksongs “500 Miles” now arranged in a chord/melody format and included in the “Chord/Melody eBook THREE” from Ukulele Mike Lynch

December 3, 2015


500 Miles complete

Watch and listen to the arrangement as performed on VIMEO

Hedy West (April 6, 1938 – July 3, 2005) was an American folksinger and songwriter.
West was of the same generation as Joan Baez, Judy Collins, and others of the American folk music revival. Her most famous song “500 Miles” is one of America’s best loved and best known folk songs. She was described by the English folk musician AL Lloyd as “far and away the best of American girl singers in the [folk] revival.”
Hedy West played the guitar and the banjo. She played both clawhammer style and a unique type of three finger picking that wasn’t quite bluegrass, and wasn’t quite old-time, exhibiting influences from blues and jazz.
Hedy West will be remembered for a long time as the composer of the beloved American folk song “500 Miles” This song has been covered by nearly every folk from…

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