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When it comes to Solo Instrumental Ukulele playing it’s all about the STRUM OF THE THUMB . . . Chord/Melody Series from Ukulele Mike Lynch

December 4, 2015



The response to all of the chord/melody arrangements I’ve published over this past year has been absolutely remarkable. It just confirms that chord/melody style is ultimately the way to go when approaching
Instrumental solo ukulele playing.
The greatest advantage we have with this arrangement format is that
There are absolutely no decisions to be made as to which finger plays which string since it’s all done with merely the strum of the thumb. . . Simply rolling the chord, be it a 2 note interval, 3 note chord or full 4 note chord we simultaneously play the melody note which always sits on top. . . What could be more easy? Now, keep in mind that the chords we play may not look entirely like those we first learned when beginning ukulele. Those chords are still used to be sure, but to achieve the melody part which often goes up…

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