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UKULELE Chord/Melody Theory and Improvisation Tutorial by Ukulele Mike Lynch

April 22, 2016

You too can arrange songs in the Chord/Melody style . . .


Improv complete

Much is being said currently about the exciting potential of Chord/Melody style playing. It is an exquisitely wonderful way to play solo instrumental pieces on the ukulele. No fingerpicking is required. . . It’s all done with merely the strum of the thumb.  So . . . how is this done?

In the majority of Chord/Melody arrangements, the melody resides on mostly the FIRST string.  On occasion the melody may jump to the SECOND string as well.  So, by simply strumming the chord with our thumb. . . The melody rings out above all the rest of the strings as it is the highest note.  Simple as that. . .  Well. . . . . . .  It does take some creative planning to come up with those arrangements.

Generally what I do is to determine the best key for the piece in regards to range of notes. . …

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