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“Never On Sunday” . . . . Theme from the motion picture . . . A Ukulele Chord Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . Contained in Chord/Melody eBook THREE (now reduced to just $20.00)

May 6, 2016

sunday blog header

Recorded instrumental of Never On Sunday

Here is a great show=stopper of a piece for a solo performance  . .  It’s so infectious that you’ll be tempted to play it over and over and over again. . . seriously . . . .  It is arranged in a Chord/Melody format which is, of course, the easiest format to begin playing solo pieces on the ukulele . . . By the way, Chord/Melody is by no means just a beginners way of playing . . . It has been utilized by ukulele and guitar players for decades on the professional level as well . . . Before I show you the excerpt below, let me, first of all . . . take this opportunity to apologize for the HUGE typo . . . Misspelling, whichever you wish to call it. . . The name of this song is Never ON Sunday. . . not Never on A Sunday. . . . oops . . . Ok so lets take a look below at the opening few bars of the piece . . .

sunday 1

Notice how after the pickup measure that the melody resides largely on the first string. . . Lots of zeros in this piece so pretty easy left hand fingering . . . By the way, you might want to try a thin flat pick on this song  . . . It gives it an extra brightness that is not always achieved with the thumb. . . I give you my blessing, if you wish . . . .

Below is the opening few bars of the BRIDGE :

Sunday bridge

This Bridge section is seriously easy to play . . . . As you play the chord/melody part you may want to invite another player to sustain an accompaniment rhythm strum underneath . . .

“Never On Sunday” is contained in the Chord/Melody eBook THREE and can be purchased by making a payment of just $20.00 through the paypal button on the Ukulele Mike website: Once purchased, it will be personally emailed to you within the day.


All three eBooks in the current series can be purchased individually for just $20.00 or all together at a new combined discount of just $50.00

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Announcing the NEW Chord melody ebook FOUR  $25.95.



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    A great “showstopper” for ukulele players

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