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“When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” by Chauncey Olcott and George Graff . . . . a Ukulele Chord/Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . . Contained in the Chord/Melody eBook THREE (now reduced to just $20.00) . . . Check out the Christmas Chord melody ebook

May 15, 2016

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We learn from Wikipedia that “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” is a lighthearted song in tribute to Ireland. Its lyrics were written by Chauncey Olcott and George Graff, Jr., set to music composed by Ernest Ball, for Olcott’s production of The Isle O’ Dreams, and Olcott sang the song in the show. It was first published in 1912, at a time when songs in tribute to a romanticized Ireland were very numerous and popular both in Britain and the United States. During the First World War the famous tenor John McCormack recorded the song.

The song continued to be a familiar standard for generations. Decades later it was used as the opening song on the radio show Duffy’s Tavern. The song has been recorded on over 200 singles and albums and by many famous singers, including Bing Crosby, Connie Francis, and Roger Whittaker

This is one of the more accessible of my chord/melody arrangements . . . . at least in the first section. . . Below is a short excerpt from the opening measure of “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”

Smilin 1

When it goes to the upper fretboard, it gets a bit more challenging . . .

Smiling 2

Notice in the third measure that we need to barre the 7th fret with our index finger then place the little finger up on the 10th fret.

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Chord Melody 3 Cover

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