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“Somewhere My Love”- – from the motion picture “Doctor Zhivago” . . . Chord Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike . . . contained in the Chord Melody eBook ONE

May 20, 2016


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This Chord/Melody arrangement utilizes lots of “Chromatic” shifts. . . Compositionally, they are what give it that distinctive “Russian” sound. 

somewhere 1Chromatic merely means moving up or down by half steps . . . We encounter the very first upward Chromatic shift in the 2nd measure at the opening of the piece. . . Its the B chord shifting to the C chord between the second and third measures. Nothing too terribly difficult here . . . just let those shifting notes ring out to fill the air with a hint of cold, winter Russian folk melodies . .

Here is yet another excerpt from later in the piece . . .

somewhere 2Note the Barre chords on measures 46 and 47.  At 46 we Barre the 3rd fret with our index finger while the little finger plays the 6th fret on the first string.  Then, it shifts up by 2 frets so that…

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