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The “FLY AWAY” Game . . . A fun easy way to achieve faster chord changes . . . Taught by Ukulele Mike Lynch

May 23, 2016

Check the link in this blog to the Ukulele Mike Beginning DVD .. . . “The Wonderful World Of The Ukulele” perfect for beginning players of all ages.


Fly Aqay complete

Over the many decades that I’ve spent teaching Ukulele, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin etc. . . .  The one thing that I’ve consistently noted is the frustration of many to gain confidence in changing chords. . . Swiftly and accurately.

Before we can perform faster chord changes, we first of all have to have a confident feel for each chord. Our left hand needs to be able to accurately play each chord and to do that by feel and not rely on our eyes to guide us.

If one is following along on a lead sheet or sheet music of some sort, every time we have to look to our left hand to find the chord we instantly lose our place on the music and we need to quickly search that out again.  This can be a real pain.  Especially when we are playing along with a group.

The primary way to get…

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