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“Sunshine On My Shoulders” by John Denver . . . . Ukulele Chord/Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . . Contained in the Chord/Melody eBook THREE (now reduced to just $20.00) . . . Check out the Christmas Chord melody ebook

May 29, 2016

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You Tube performance . . .

Through WIKIPEDIA we learn that John Denver described how he wrote “Sunshine on My Shoulders”: “I wrote the song in Minnesota at the time I call ‘late winter, early spring’. It was a dreary day, gray and slushy. The snow was melting and it was too cold to go outside and have fun, but God, you’re ready for spring. You want to get outdoors again and you’re waiting for that sun to shine, and you remember how sometimes just the sun itself can make you feel good. And in that very melancholy frame of mind I wrote ‘Sunshine on My Shoulders’.”

It was originally the B-side of one of his earlier songs, “I’d Rather Be a Cowboy”. As the Vietnam War came to an end, the song took on a new significance and began to receive airplay on adult contemporary radio stations. It entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number 90 on January 26, 1974 and moved into the number one spot nine weeks later, remaining at #1 for one week. The song also topped the adult contemporary chart for two weeks in 1974. Billboard ranked it as the No. 18 song for 1974.

This is actually a very short song. .  It has little left hand fingering complexities except for one little jump up to the higher inversion chords later in the piece.  Below is a short excerpt from the beginning measures of the song.

sunshine 1

Below notice that we do have some upper fretboard inversions

sunshine 2

The higher inversion F chord is played by barring the 5th fret with the index finger while placing the little finger on the 8th fret. . . . The higher inversion Dm7 is played by simply barring the 5th fret with the index finger.

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