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“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – IZ Version . . . . TWO YouTube Ukulele tutorials taught by Ukulele Mike Lynch

June 12, 2016

Rainbow blog header edited

Quite a few years ago I began producing Ukulele Video Tutorials and uploading them to YouTube primarily, at the time, for my elementary and middle school students at Christ The King School in Seattle, Washington. . . . I was quite unaware of the scope of YouTube and internet and never dreamed my tutorials would reach such a huge population of Ukulele enthusiasts worldwide.  In those early years, I produced a video to teach the chord fingerings and strumming patterns for the IZ VERSION of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” . . . I subsequently produced a second YouTube video to further explain in more depth the strumming pattern.  Both of those videos have now enjoyed viewing by nearly 2 and a half Million people worldwide. . . Quite a bit larger then my school kids here in Seattle. Over the years I’ve produced hundreds of more tutorials for both YouTube and VIMEO but these two tutorials are by far my most popular.  I wish to combine them both here for your pleasure and simple access . . . Enjoy and forever “HAPPY STRUMMING”

Here is a link to another blog which discusses the subject of DYNAMICS in music and how it applies to the strumming pattern for “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”



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