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“It’s Only A Paper Moon” . . . Ukulele Chord/Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . now found in the Chord/Melody eBook TWO

July 15, 2016


paper moon blog headerAmazing performance by Nat King Cole as vocalist and also pianist. Most people forget he was first of all a jazz pianist.

This is such a delightful piece to play on the Ukulele . . . It’s got an exquisitely clever chord progression that keeps your fingers moving right along. . . Below you will see the opening few bars . . . Top line is standard Treble clef notation, while the bottom stave is formatted in Ukulele tablature. . . The top line represents the FIRST string . . . which is the one closest to your knee. . . then you have the remaining three strings. . .

Paper 1The first beat is just a “placer” note to establish the opening of the song. . . The actually melody begins on the the dotted 8th note following the F Chord. . . This song is chock full of wonderful…

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