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“AKAKA FALLS” by Helen Parker . . . . . A Solo Ukulele Fingerpicking arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . . Recently heard in performances by Jake Shimabukuro

August 14, 2016


akaka blog headerPerformance by Jake Shimabukuro from the “GRAND UKULELE” CD

My arrangement of “AKAKA FALLS” was inspired by Jake but is a bit more scaled down for the average player . . . It is a fingerpicking arrangement unlike the many Chord/Melody tunes I’ve done most recently.  Below are several short excerpts for you to try. . .

Example ONE

akaka-music-11111Notice the “Hammer On” in the first measure . . . This is done by playing the 5th fret note on the second string, then striking the 7th fret following that without picking it. . . It takes some patience and lot’s of practice to get that technique. . . I’ll be doing a YouTube video on both the “Hammer On” and the “Pull Off” soon.

Example TWO

akaka-music-222Those squiggly lines simply tell us to slowly roll those chords. . . starting from the 4th string and ascending to the first…

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