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“LET’S GO FLY A KITE” by Richard & Robert Sherman ….. from the musical “MARY POPPINS” …… Chord/Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch…..from the NEW Chord melody ebook FOUR

October 10, 2016



LET’S GO FLY A KITE by Richard & Robert Sherman 

Arranging this song came quite easily for me. I made the decision to only arrange the refrain as I felt that would be most recognizable to most people and once I started the chords and fingerings rapidly revealed themselves. When that happened I knew this would be a very accessible song for lots of players.  Below are 2 short clips to try. The first shows the opening measures of the song. The second shows the delightful upward moving chromatic sequence expressing the feeling of flying. A perfect example of the genius of the two Sherman brothers.


chromaticThe Chord Melody ebook FOUR can be purchased by making a payment of $25.95 through the paypal button on the Ukulele Mike website Once purchased it will be personally emailed to you within the day. 

book-four-cover-imagebook-four-contents-imageAll four of the Chord melody ebooks…

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