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“BRIAN BORU’S MARCH” traditional Irish . . . . Chord Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . . included in the NEW Chord melody ebook FOUR

October 12, 2016


brian-boru-blog-headerThis classic Irish piece has been nicely arranged by some in fingerpicking style, so my intent was to give it a Chord/Melody interpretation.  It requires no fingerpicking whatsoever. Simply finger the designated chord and strum with the thumb. Check out the short clips below. 

brian-1brian-2This song is included in the NEW Chord melody ebook FOUR which can be purchased by making a payment of  $25.95 through the paypal button on the Ukulele Mike website Once purchased it will be personally emailed to you within the day. 


book-four-contents-imageQuestions regarding any Ukulele resource please email 

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