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“Stairway To Heaven” . . . . by Led Zeppelin . . . Ukulele Chord/Melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . Contained in the Ukulele Solo Instrumentals (Fingerpicking format) Volume 1 Enhanced

October 30, 2016


Led Zeppelin blog headerPerformed live by Led Zeppelin

Below is a short excerpt from the beginning of the song . . .

Stair 1Notice lots of zero’s in the first three measures . . . This equate to VERY easy . . . those notes are not fingered but played . . . So the opening chord fingerings are quite easy to play . . . This piece is definitely suited for early instrumental players . . . This is a fingerpicking arrangement so remember to pick the 4th string with the thumb at all times . . . . The third string is also played with the thumb . . . The 2nd string is always played with the index finger and the first string is played with the middle finger. . .

This piece is contained in the Solo Ukulele Instrumentals Volume 1 enhanced edition. It can be purchased by making a…

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