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UKULELE MIKE LYNCH talks about his NEW Chord melody ebook FOUR on YouTube . . . . Hear him talk about all the special songs and features of this brand new collection . . . . YouTube channel MusicTeacher2010 . . . Check out the Christmas Chord melody ebook

December 15, 2016



Over a period of 12 years I’ve seen my single YouTube channel row into multiple channels. Along with my anchor channel, I now have The Endless Summer channel, Disney Channel, Radio Station KUKE channel, Christmas channel and the BEATLES Channel. 

I’ve also gained so many wonderful followers and subscribers whom I’m eternally grateful for. I thank them immensely for their incredible support. Without my YouTube audience I would not be where I am now and capable of what I’ve been able to do. And for that, THANK YOU.

Over time I will be uploading numerous videos and tutorials to support my new CHORD Melody ebook FOUR. Right now I have a video where I talk about the collection, it’s songs and special features.


Questions  regarding any Ukulele resource please email 

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