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August 16, 2011

Very shortly after I began introducing my video tutorials on You Tube some 3 years ago I immediately began getting requests for a DVD.  Since then I’ve had countless people asking for this DVD for a number of reasons.  Some find it difficult to work off the internet.  Others wanted the DVD to use in teaching in their music classes.  Others asked for a DVD that they could give as gifts to friends who were ukulele newbies.

I finally set about producing lessons and assembling them into a DVD.  I knew it needed to have at least one or 2 videos on how to tune the uke.  It needed video tutorials on chord fingerings, strumming patterns, fingerpicking etc. . . . Soon after I began assembling the pieces I got a call from the Oscar Schmidt company.  They announced they wanted to release an Ukulele OU2 Pak which would contain my DVD. The Pak is still available in retail outlets and online. . . After that release I’ve had requests for the DVD outside of the Pak itself. . . So this past spring I finally released the UKULELE BASICS DVD as a stand alone product.  I’ve had hundreds of purchases from individuals throughout the world from Australia, Japan, Poland, Finland, France, UK, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Germany, Iceland, Estonia, Ukraine, Argentina, United States, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Greece, Brazil and many more countries.  It’s so gratifying to me that this is helping people become active members of the global ukulele community.  Now. . . I’m assembling a brand new DVD: EXPLORING THE UKULELE VOL 1.    It will contain more advanced strumming patterns, fingerpicking, tablature, jazz chords and jazz strums along with rock elements and much much more. . .

The UKULELE BASICS DVD is playable throughout all regions of the world.

The cost of the DVD is $18 plus $3.00 shipping and handling
(within the US). Outside the US – $6.50 for shipping and handling. Simply go to
my website:

Pay through the Pay Pal Donate button, but be sure to indicate
it’s not a donation but rather to purchase the DVD.  In addition please note YOUR shipping

Allow up to 5 days for processing and up to 2 weeks for delivery .
. .

Happy Strumming


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