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UKULELES FOR PEACE – eBook now available to support the cause

August 18, 2011

I’d like to introduce everyone to the organization called “UKULELES FOR PEACE” created and led by Paul Moore. The goal of Ukuleles for Peace is to bring Jewish and Arab children together to play in an orchestra with ukuleles, kazoos and other fun instruments. Paul works with the students once a week in their own schools, and then brings them together for performances. The children sing in Hebrew, Arabic and English. The hope is that playing together will create further opportunities for communal activities, and that parents and members of the communities will get
involved in the program. Paul has shown great prophetic courage in creating
this incredible program.  Paul’s dream is to create orchestras in several communities and towns, enlarging the circle of real co-existence; enabling kids and parents to befriend one another; and with modest abilities, helping to create a happier, better, peaceful society. There is a lot to be done in this area between the Arab and Jewish population in Israel. If the situation with the Palestinian Authority is safer, Paul would like to form a group there too. That will depend on a relaxing of travel restrictions and on parents feeling that things are safe enough for their children. I
applaud Paul’s efforts and would like to offer everyone an opportunity to
donate to this inspiring program.  I along with other talented arrangers have offered some of our creations to a new eBook UKULELES FOR PEACE 2011.  This book was the brain child of Ken Middleton and I thank him for doing this and for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful effort.  The books contain 20 arrangements with a Foreward by James Hill and an introduction by Paul Moore.  Copies of the book can be purchased by going to Ken’s website and ordering it there.  All proceeds go to towards sustaining, increasing and enlarging the UKULELES FOR PEACE program.  Thank you . . . UKULELE MIKE.

By the way if you want more info on the organization here is their website:

Enjoy this inspiring and beautiful performance by members of the UKULELES FOR PEACE ORCHESTRA . . . “LOVE IS WONDERFUL”

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