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EXCLUSIVE Artist Interview Series – Kimo Hussey

September 5, 2011

A few weeks back my family and I had the privilege and honor of having Kimo come to our home for an evening of food and song and chat.  If you’re not acquainted with Kimo Hussey then you should be. As with most children raised in Hawaii, Kimo Hussey was “born” with a ukulele in his hands.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in music, Kimo followed many other pursuits in life, but eventually returned to the love of his life, music and the ukulele. Kimo initiated the Pacific Music Foundation, an organization with the goal of creating music, and now travels worldwide to spread the enchantment of the his music and the ukulele.

A magical evening we had of so much sharing, music and thoughtful conversation.  Below are some thoughts expressed by Kimo to me regarding his career in music and the ukulele.


Ukulele Mike: Kimo, would you please tell us about your
music background and at what age you began to play the ukulele?

Kimo: Through instructional efforts of the only ukulele
instructor (My uncle Richard) I’ve ever had, I started playing at the age of
5.  Throughout my entire life playing ukulele has always been about having fun and not about gaining mastery of the instrument through academic endeavor.  In college, I majored in music with an emphasis in choral conduction as I had grown to love church music, especially performed by choirs.  Eventual entry into the US Air Force to avoid the draft turned into a full-time career I so enjoyed bu also mean music was put on the back burner——until my eventual retirement.  As now I am fully retired, I’ve totally embrace the ongoing ukulele renaissance and spend most of my time doing workshops and whatever I think is best to nurture ukulele’s continued growth.

Ukulele Mike: Kimo, I think my readers would love to know about your approach to your playing style.

Kimo: I embrace a style of play that always pays strict
attention to melody with accompanying  chordal
background equally present.

Ukulele Mike: Kimo, why do you think there is such a resurgence of interest in the ukulele at this time?

Kimo: I believe the interest in ukulele is driven by the
relative ease in which the player, even an absolute beginner, can easily get
into the process of making music and have fun doing it.  The instrument’s portability, ease in playing, wonderful sound and very reasonable cost adds to this attraction.  It’s also very easy to play with other people and so it fosters positive social contact which greatly enhances people’s enjoyment.

Ukulele Mike: Kimo, could you tell us about your current ukulele events and activities?

Kimo: I love to play, teach and nurture as best I can —-
so therefore pursue any opportunity which affords me the means of doing
this.  One of my favorite activities is
to travel to ukulele workshops and events around the world not only to feed the
resurgence but to meet other players as well.
Regarding playing ukulele, I love to push the envelope and embrace
different styles or methodologies of play to assure the instrument’s continued
growth.  A big part of this is meeting and interfacing with ukulele makers so I know I play the latest technology instruments.  They look better, sound better and are much easier to play.  Yes, they do cost more but are worth every dime spent.

Ukulele Mike: Kimo, what advice would you give to budding ukulele players?

Kimo: Always remember the reason why we play ukulele is to have FUN!!!  Nurture that and your ukulele career will be long, satisfying and quite fruitful.

Ukulele Mike: Kimo, any other thoughts you might like to
share with the global ukulele comminty.?

Kimo: Yes! I’d love to dialogue with anyone, anywhere about ukulele in an effort to help enhance your enjoyment in playing. Call me: 808-561-3192 or email me at

You can find numerous performances of Kimo Hussey on YouTube.  Below I’ve attached a couple of my favorites. . . Enjoy . . .

My deepest thanks to Kimo for allowing me to interview him for my “Artist Interview Series”

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