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EXCLUSIVE Artist Interview Series – Kimo Hussey

March 11, 2016


A few weeks back my family and I had the privilege and honor of having Kimo come to our home for an evening of food and song and chat.  If you’re not acquainted with Kimo Hussey then you should be. As with most children raised in Hawaii, Kimo Hussey was “born” with a ukulele in his hands.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in music, Kimo followed many other pursuits in life, but eventually returned to the love of his life, music and the ukulele. Kimo initiated the Pacific Music Foundation, an organization with the goal of creating music, and now travels worldwide to spread the enchantment of the his music and the ukulele.

A magical evening we had of so much sharing, music and thoughtful conversation.  Below are some thoughts expressed by Kimo to me regarding his career in music and the ukulele.


Ukulele Mike: Kimo, would…

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