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Great Exercises to Strengthen and Develop Finger Independence . . . . LEFT HAND FINGER DEXTERITY EXERCISES for the ukulele by Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . . . (Designed to help you take your playing to a new plateau)

January 6, 2014

Dex one and two slide
I recently published 2 videos on You Tube and VIMEO offering 2 simple exercises to increase strength, power, independence and flexibility of the fingers of the left hand. Our fingers seem to have minds of their own and these exercises are intended to help us achieve more control. There is another peripheral skill developed from these exercises and that is to develop left hand and right hand coordination. As we move from string to string the right hand needs to receive a communication from our brains to make a change in position to match the string that the left hand is playing. This seems like a no brainer but think about it. . . When you are only playing static chords with strumming patterns our hand rarely if ever have to have this degree of coordination. Playing solo instrumental pieces can be daunting without some degree of communication between both hands.

Below is a video of DEXTERITY EXERCISE #1 with music staff notation
below that.

Dex 1 Up
Dex 1 Down

Below is a video of DEXTERITY EXERCISE #2 with music staff notation
below that.

Dex 2 up
Dex 2 down

Like I say, the purpose of these exercises is to develop dexterity, strength, flexibility and coordination with our left hand fingers. The best way to use these is to run through a few of these each time we sit down with our ukulele. I would also suggest doing a few of them quickly at the end of our playing time. Doing this on a DAILY basis I will assure you that you’ll gain so much confidence and you’ll be surprised. I’ve always shunned scales and exercises but these are so simple to memorize and do that it takes only a couple of minutes a day to achieve a higher level of playing.

I will be posting additional Finger Dexterity Exercises on both You Tube and VIMEO so stay tuned. . . HAPPY STRUMMING, Ukulele Mike

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