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CONGRATULATIONS on receiving your first ukulele . . . Now here is a DVD JUST FOR YOU

January 6, 2014

THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE UKULELE – Beginners DVD from Ukulele Mike Lynch. .  A great Christmas gift idea


Well first and foremost congratulate yourself on acquiring one of music world’s most awesome instruments. This small little instrument is packed with a whole lot of music. . . And you are about to embark on a life long journey of love with this instrument to guide you there. You may or may not know that this instrument has incredible potential and that potential will reveal itself everytime you pick it up to play. . . . I designed a DVD called UKULELE BASICS that contains a full range of video tutorials bound to give you the proper tools and techniques to get the most out of your ukulele. . . provided, of course, that you are willing to dedicate daily time to practicing and following the tutorials. Below is a You Tube video I did prior to Christmas detailing the contents of my ukulele DVD

While waiting for your DVD to arrive in the mail, below are a set of chords
that are essential for starting out. Start building your chord “vocabulary” right now…


Take note that the black dots show where you press the fingers of your left hand. The zeros at the top of the chord grid indicate strings that are open but still strummed or picked. Take time now to try each of these chords . . Test out the sounds, making sure that the fingerings are secure and confident. Quiz yourself or have another quiz you as you play the chords. . . Always an aim to get the notes clear and strong. . . You may notice a slight bit of pain or irritation to your fingertip but that will soon fade way with daily consistent practice. These are the very first steps to start you on your journey. . . Developing a strong chord vocabulary is a neccessity. . . . I would highly recommend you consider purchasing the full UKULELE BASICS DVD which includes video tutorials on tuning as well as lessons on chording, fingering, strumming, fingerpicking, Playing in 4/4 time, playing in 3/4 time and all with a large collection of songs to develop and strengthen your new found skills.

Below is a link to a blog detailing the contents of the companion eBook “UKULELE MIKE’S FAVORITES FOR BEGINNING UKULELE”

For information regarding any ukulele product please email:

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