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Want to learn Chord Melody playing on the Ukulele?. . . . Massive 52 Song Chord/Melody collection from Ukulele Mike Lynch available now . . . . If you’re not comfortable with singing then let your Ukulele do the singing for you. . .(eBook now reduced to just $20.00)

August 21, 2014

Chord Melody without banner

I’ve had hundreds of requests for more and more Chord/Melody ukulele solo arrangements.

For so many people they have proven to be an immediate success. They are so much easierto learn then complicated fingerpicking, arpeggio style arrangements. Although those do have their place and can be of great elegance and beauty, these chord/melody arrangements are more readily accessible to most players.

Chord/Melody arrangements are by far the best introduction to instrumental soloplaying. One can play convincing instrumentals with much more ease thanusually experienced with fingerpicking solo playing. Only the thumb is used inthis stye of playing. No other fingers are involved. This acts to simplify the process so one can concentrate on the distinctive melody of the piece.

In many cases the melody will be found to exist on either the first or second strings. One needs to merely hold down the main chord while the melody is played above. I’ve taken such elaborate pieces as the Schubert Ave Maria and brought it down to its most important chordal structures. No more awkward finger picking arppegios in these pieces. Simply play the chord and the melody will sing out on the top. A fine way to begin playing solo instrumentals and yet many professionals use this arrangement technique throughout their playing careers. Be patient with yourself as you learn to play these compositions. Try to set reasonable goals for each day’s practice session. Learn a few measures at at a time and before you know it you’ll be playing whole arrangements. You’ll surprise yourself at how beautiful your playing will become. And as always . . . .

Happy Strumming!!

Below is the entire contents of this collection. I have pulled various chord/melody pieces

from earlier releases and added 25 brand new arrangements to the mix. In some cases I’ve

taken former fingerpicking arrangements and rendered them into Chord/Melody such as Silent Night, What A Wonderful World and Greensleeves.

Contents Chord Melody Slide

Watch the You Tube video below . . .

Here is a collage showing the notation layout of the songs in this collection . . .

By clicking on this image you will make it measurably larger and much easier to read

chord Melody Collage slide

52 Songs in all . . . Now for only $20.00

There are songs here for those who are new to solo ukulele playing on up to more advanced.

I’ve included standard treble clef notation along with the tablature for each song.

Tablature doesn’t do a great job in establishing length of notes but the treble clef right above

will let you know if its a quarter note, half note, eighth note etc. . .

The Chord/Melody eBook can be purchased by making a payment of $29.95 through the paypal

donate button on the Ukulele Mike website:

Once purchased, the eBook will be emailed to you within the day.

Once you do make the payment, PayPal will allow you to add additional information such

as the name of the resource you wish to purchase.


Both of these collections will arrive in your inbox as pdf eBooks.

They are not hard copy books. Many will choose to just print out those

individual pieces as they work on them. Many will load it onto their computer or

even better their ipad or Tablet and work with the music in that fashion.

Some, of course, will print it out to be used in a more traditional way.

Each Chord/Melody eABook can be purchased separately for just $20.00 or all together as a combo for a new “TRILOGY” discount of just $50.00

Trilogy combo price slide header

All 4 of the Chord melody ebooks can be purchased at a combo discount price of  $70.


For information regarding any ukulele product please



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