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“TAMMY” from the motion picture TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR. . . . Solo ukulele chord/melody arrangement by Ukulele Mike Lynch. . . . included in the new 52 Song CHORD/MELODY eBook (now reduced to just $20.00)

September 9, 2014

Tammy header

I had a ukulele player tell me that my arrangement of EDELWEISS was perfect for a summer’s day on the back porch swing. . . Here again is another one of those kind of pleasant laid back summer evening pieces to learn. Like EDELWEISS it is fairly accessible for moderately advanced beginners thru intermediate players. If you are insterested in creating some of your own ukulele instrumentals keep in mind that the key of F is quite good for that. . . G and C are also good, but F is supremely good for the uke.

In this arrangement I decided to us a Chord/Melody style. It works SO well with the Chord/Melody technique. No fingerpicking involved. . . simply strum the chords and pick the individual melody notes with the thumb. Below is a short excerpt of TAMMY to illustrate how the standard treble clef notation and the tablature appear in this arrangement.

tammy music 1

Yes, I know I’ve been inconsistent with the way I spell “BACHELOR” Spelling on the top image is correct . . on the video NOT. . . oh well, I try.

TAMMY is included in the brand new 52 SONG CHORD/MELODY eBook – now reduced to just $20.00
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Each of the Chord/Melody collections can be purchased separately for just $20.00 or all together at a newly reduced Combo “TRILOGY” discount of just $50.00

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