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2 Popular Christmas eBooks from Ukulele Mike Lynch available for a combined discount – Purchase price: $35.95 for both

October 13, 2014


2 christmas comparison slide with shadow

The 2011 release “A UKULELE CHRISTMAS” contains chiefly more elaborate fingerpicking arangements. Elegant and beautiful but needing a bit more skill level to accomplish. The new “CHRISTMAS UKULELE” is entirely in a Chord/Melody format. By far an easier way to get into solo instrumental playing.
Both collections contain the beloved classic and traditional Christmas songs we all come to love.
The 2011 collection also contains a 2nd book that is devoted entirely to chord strumming accompaniment pieces for Holiday sing a longs. A must for Christmas gatherings.
Now, if purchased together, you can get a discount of $10.00. So, the combined prices is $35.00 for both copies. They can be purchased by making a combined payment through the paypal donate button on the Ukulele Mike website: Once the payment is made, PayPal will give you an option to add more information such as the names of the eBooks you…

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