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Brand New 33 Song Christmas Ukulele Chord/Melody eBook Now available – All selections arranged by Ukulele Mike Lynch

October 13, 2014


Christmas Chord Melody eBook template

Chord/Melody playing is by far the easiest approach
to solo instrumental performance.
This collection of timeless Christmas Classics
uses nothing but Chord/Melody style.
No fingerpicking is required. . . Only the thumb is used.
How much easier could it get?
The 4 lines on the bottom stave represent the 4 strings
of the ukulele.
The top line is the first string (That closest to your knee)
The bottom or 4th line is the string closest to your chin.
The numbers on the lines represent the fret numbers. . .
If you see a ZERO that means an open string.
The treble clef stave on top is there to assist in reading
the time values for each note.
Keep in mind that in solo playing, one does not always
strum all 4 strings together. There are many times
when we are asked to play perhaps only 2 or 3 strings.

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