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When it comes to Solo Instrumental Ukulele playing it’s all about the STRUM OF THE THUMB . . . Chord/Melody Series from Ukulele Mike Lynch . . . The 3 eBook combo “TRILOGY” now reduced to only $50.00

June 10, 2015



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The response to all of the chord/melody arrangements I’ve published over this past year has been absolutely remarkable. It just confirms that chord/melody style is ultimately the way to go when approaching
Instrumental solo ukulele playing.
The greatest advantage we have with this arrangement format is that
There are absolutely no decisions to be made as to which finger plays which string since it’s all done with merely the strum of the thumb. . . Simply rolling the chord, be it a 2 note interval, 3 note chord or full 4 note chord we simultaneously play the melody note which always sits on top. . . What could be more easy? Now, keep in mind that the chords we play may not look entirely like those we first learned when beginning ukulele. Those chords are still used to be sure, but to achieve the melody part which often goes up the fingerboard, we also need to move the chords up as well. . . This means that we end up playing upper register chord “inversions”. Don’t be afraid of that fancy word. . . All we are doing is just learning new chord shapes that are played further up the neck. After a period of time working with these chord melody songs we will begin to see a pattern, so to speak. These chord shapes recur over and over again as we go from piece to piece just as we would with those tried and true first position chords we have played for so long in a strumming and singing sessions. . . Did I say singing? Ah, yes. . . I’ve found that there are plenty of people who absolutely love to play the ukulele but who are not so comfortable with singing. At least, not by themselves. So when asked by others to share a song on the ukulele they are timid and often back away from public performance. But. . . . once we learn a few of these solo instrumental pieces, we can readily astound our friends with the beautiful song of this simple but elegant instrument . Let the ukulele do the singing for you. . .

All of these pieces are formatted with both standard treble clef notation as well as ukulee tablature notation. Tabature notation doesn’t always do the best job in terms of indicating the duration or length of a note so having the standard notation on top we can readily see the note timing with the standard whole note, quarter, half note etc. . .

Let’s take a look at several short excerpts below:


Listed below are the contents of each eBook . . .


All three Chord Melody eBooks can be purchased separately for just $20.00 or all together at a combined discount of $50.00. . .   They can be purchased through the paypal donate button on the Ukulele Mike website: Once the payment is made, paypal will give you the opportunity to add more information such as the name of the eBook or collection you want.
It will then be emailed to you personally as a pdf file within the day of purchase.

Trilogy combo price slide header

The Chord/Melody collections are a perfect way to get into solo instrumental playing. No fingerpicking is involved. . . Just the simple use of the thumb is all that’s needed.
These arrangements work equally well with High G or Low G tuning and all sound excellent on the baritone ukulele as well.

Of course, the eBooks can be purchased separately as well. Their individual prices can be seen in the above image.

P.S. Audio examples of many of these arrangements can be heard on You Tube or VIMEO. .

Now available the NEW Chord Melody eBook FOUR




For any questions regarding Ukulele Resources please email Mike Lynch:

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