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The UKULELE makes its debut to the world at the PANAMA PACIFIC EXPOSITION of 1915

January 24, 2016


Panama Pacific Exposition

In 1915 San Francisco was host to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. This year was specifically chosen by the city to celebrate 2 significant events: The opening of the Panama Canal and the resurrection of the city out of the ashes of the great earthquake. San Francisco was teeming with pride and enthusiasm and wanted to share that with the entire world and specifically the Pacific Rim region.
The governing body of the Territory of Hawaii appropriated a large some of money to construct a pavilion to promote Hawaiian products and tourism. One of the most memorable attractions of the Hawaiian pavilion was a show which featured Hula dancers in grass skirts playing the ukuleles. One song that was featured at the pavilion was called “On The Beach At Waikiki” which can be heard in the movie “Cheaper By The Dozen”. Tourists could purchase these new little novel ukuleles to take…

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