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A homage to Scott Joplin – The “ROSEGARDEN SERENADE”, a slow rag for solo ukulele by Ukulele Mike Lynch

January 28, 2016


Homage cover slide

When I was quite young I have distinct memories of visiting my grandma who lived in Oregon and in her home where she lived from about 1915 was this very cool player piano. I would spend hours pushing on those pedals and watching the magic of the keys going down to produce that delicious old player piano sound. Many of the rolls I enjoyed the most were performances of ragtime pieces composed by the KING of ragtime: Scott Joplin.

Later in life as a young college student I would regain my interest in Joplin and acquired his complete works. I recall my mom being in the living room sitting down crocheting and listening to me play and would as me to play another and another. I thumbed through the book and fell upon this piece called The Heliotrope Bouquet and almost as soon as I began playing it my mom…

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