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THE KEYPORT RAG – Original Ukulele composition and performance by Ukulele Mike Lynch

January 29, 2016

Included in the Fingerpicking Solo Instrumental eBook in tablature format


THE KEYPORT RAG by Ukulele Mike Lynch
Keyport Cover Slide

Keyport Map

Upon a generous invitation of dear friends several years ago, my wife and I spent a relaxing week on Liberty Bay in the tiny town of Keyport, Washington. While there I was inspired to compose this lazy little ragtime tune and it became a constant soundtrack to our musings on the porch of the bay side cottage we were living in. Taking walks around the town, I had the melody of this little tune running through my head and I would frequently head back to the cottage to pick up my ukulele and try out new ideas that would pop into my brain. KEYPORT RAG is largely played in a swinging, bouncy travis picking style and below is a small example of the tablature arrangement of this song.


Keyport 111

Throughout the piece the thumb plays the 4th and 3rd…

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